On 6th and 7th of May 2024, the CHORIZO project celebrated with success its General Assembly in Oslo hosted by Strawberry Hotels and led by ILVO, project coordinators.

During this two-day meeting all partners shared their main findings on case studies working towards zero food waste, made an update of the different Work Packages, and had several interactive sessions and workshops to actively involve all partners and share ideas.

During this interactive session, partners got familiarized with models used on the project and the Zero Food Lost and Waste (0FLW) impact scenarios, but also discussed about CHORIZO publishing activities foreseen such as communication and educational packages, to enhance the scope of the project and positioning the CHORIZO brand as a standard bearer in the fight against food waste. Other workshops were celebrated in relation to the upscaling of the Insighter (DataHub of the CHORIZO project) and the possible uses of the products developed during the project by stakeholders and end-users.

CHORIZO partners also had the opportunity to visit the Strawberry Hotel and learn about their initiatives to reduce food waste, like the change to smaller plates on the buffet or the use of a tool to measure the amount of waste generated each day at the restaurant. The partners also had the chance to visit the private garden where they grow their own microgreens and other plants that they use at the hotel kitchen. Those are only a few of the multiple actions they develop to make a positive impact on the environment, they claim to be “sustainable at every level”.

👉🏼 Join the Innovation towards Zero Food Waste, join CHORIZO project.