Changing practices and Habits through
Open, Responsible, and social Innovation
towards ZerΟ food waste


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Changing practices and Habits through
Open, Responsible, and social Innovation
towards ZerΟ food waste


Follow all the
information about
the project


Consult the dissemination
materials developed
by the partners

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CHORIZO aims to improve the understanding of how social norms influence behaviour and FLW generation and use this knowledge to improve the effectiveness of decision-making and engagement of food chain actors, towards zero food waste.


Project´s particular goals are to address existing research gaps and will use its outcomes to deliver and advance innovations helping actors to engage more effectively in food waste prevention and reduction activities


Evidence-based analysis

To undertake a comprehensive evidence-
analysis of previous/ongoing FLW
prevention/reduction actions and tools,
including a cost/benefit
analysis and an impact assessment.

Food loss & waste Datahub

To develop an FLW Datahub (Chorizo FLW Insighter),
which will incorporate the results of the evidence-based
analysis of previous/ongoing
actions, new empirical case study evidence on social norms,
consumer behaviour, economic actor behaviour and charity
behaviour in relation to FLW.

Analytics backbone development

To develop a modelling &
analytics backbone
based on data from the CSs, and
it to discover and explain
the correlations between social norms,
business practices, consumer behaviour
and food waste.

Changes in Social norms & behaviours

To foster change in
norms and behaviours,
by embedding the new evidence
and understanding gained on
FLW-related social norms
and behaviours.

Project's innovation upscaling

To manage the project’s
innovation upscaling effectively,
by a strategy for the exploitation
of the project results and
implementing responsible innovation
management practices that guide
the project to exploitable and
sustainable outcomes.

Exploitation, dissemination & communication

To undertake appropriate
dissemination, exploitation
and communication actions
to maximise the project’s
impact outside the consortium.

Case Studies

Implementing six Case Studies to overcome shortcomings of the evidence-based analysis associated to the use of secondary data.

Case 1

Household food waste in and off crisis periods

Case 2

Hospitality food waste

Case 3

Food services food waste

Case 4

School food waste and relation with obesity and malnutrition

Case 5

Food waste in a food banks’ mediated supply chain

Case 6

Food waste in relation to date marking and sustainable and smart food packaging


Know the latest news about CHORIZO

Oct 31 2023

ALIBETOPIAS 2023: Innovation in Food Systems event!

On October 26th took place ALIBETOPIAS 2023 in Madrid, a unique event with the latest innovations in the Food and Drinks sector. The Spanish Food and Drinks Federation, together with the Technological Platform Food for Life Spain and with the...
Oct 17 2023

BREAKING NEWS | The CHORIZO project identifies 395 key interventions across the EU addressing food loss and food waste

In an effort to better understand which food loss and food waste (FLW) interventions have been and are currently taking place, and their existing impacts, the CHORIZO project has identified 395 actions (interventions) that address FLW across the...
Oct 16 2023

ICLEI celebrated the 2nd webinar of the City Interest Group!

The City Interest Group (CIG) on Food Waste Prevention celebrated the second session of a series of webinars on 5th October. It is a closed forum where local authorities come together to exchange practices and challenges related to food waste...
Oct 05 2023

CHORIZO project at the High-level event on food loss and waste!

Reducing food loss and waste is a challenge that needs to be addressed. According to that, the Valencian World Sustainable Urban Food Centre (CEMAS), in collaboration with the European Food Information Council (EUFIC), hosted a High-level event “ A...
Sep 29 2023

CHORIZO is committed to achieve zero food waste!

CHORIZO aims to improve the understanding about how social norms influence consumer behaviour and economic actors’ decisions related to food loss and waste (FLW) generation. Today, 29th of September we celebrate the 4th International Day of...
Sep 20 2023

CLEVERFOOD – Common Workshop for the FOOD 2030 Project Collaboration Network

On Wednesday 20/09/2023, the CLEVERFOOD Project organized an online Workshop as a first activity for the FOOD 2030 Project Collaboration Network that aims to bring together multiple EU-funded projects working on the transformation of the European...
Jun 21 2023

BREAKING NEWS | Launch of the City Interest Group on Food Waste Prevention

Off we go! As part of CHORIZO, a City Interest Group (CIG) on Food Waste Prevention was officially launched on the 31st of May with the holding of the first webinar of a series to come. The CIG provides an opportunity to better grasp the realities...
Jun 11 2023

CHORIZO project celebrated General Assembly in Budapest

On 6th and 7th June CHORIZO project celebrated its General Assembly in Budapest hosted by Hungarian Food Bank Association and led by ILVO, project coordinators. All partners shared their progress on case studies working towards zero food waste,...
Jun 01 2023

ICLEI celebrated City Interest Group kick-off

On 31st May ICLEI celebrated the kick-off of City Interest Group (CIG) on Food Waste Prevention. The aim of this CIG is to exchange on tried and tested approaches to tackling food waste, to discuss barriers and challenges to prevent Food Loss...
Apr 29 2023

FIAB presented CHORIZO project in Valladolid in the frame of FOODPathS Spanish Living Lab.

On 28th April Spanish Food and Drink Federation presented CHORIZO project at the National Food Technology Platforms “FoodforLife” meeting in Valladolid, as part of Spanish Living Lab organised in the frame of FOODPathS, a project funded by the...
Apr 28 2023

CHORIZO #2 Newsletter is out! Food Waste and Social Norms – Interrelation explored in six different Case Studies!

Check out the latest edition of our project newsletter!
Mar 21 2023

ILVO will participate in the event “Working sustainably with food waste. From food waste to innovative food product”

Next 20th April ILVO will participate in the event “Working sustainably with food waste.

Feb 28 2023

Our 1st newsletter is out! Take a look and learn more about the CHORIZOproject and the team behind it

Feb 12 2023

Find out about the work done by European Citizens’ Food Waste Panel to support the Commission’s work on food waste

Dec 20 2022

BREAKING NEWS | Starting of CHORIZO project!

In October took place first session of kick-off meeting online and finally second session of kick-off meeting physically was celebrated in Ghent, on November 23rd – 24th, where all the partners met for the first time face to face.


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