Starting of CHORIZO project!

In October took place first session of kick-off meeting online and finally second session of kick-off meeting physically was celebrated in Ghent, on November 23rd-24th, where all the partners met for the first-time face to face.

CHORIZO project, financed by Horizon Europe program, aims to improve the understanding between social norms, consumer behaviors and economic actor decisions and FLW generation and use this knowledge to improve the effectiveness of decision-making and engagement of food chain actors, towards zero food waste.

The consortium is made up 15 European partners (Food Associations, Technological Centers, Universities, Food Bank Association,  Innovation Clusters, among others) and coordinated by ILVO, Institute for Agriculture and Fisheries Research; working all together through 7 Work Packages with different objectives such as: data collection of FLW through 6 different Case Studies, creation of a model to predict the impact of the actions taken, foster educational packages based on previous research of the actions taken until now, or development of a City Interest Group for changing social norms towards zero FLW. 

CHORIZO Impacts Expected

At Scientific level

  • Creating high-quality new knowledge on the influence of social norms on FLW behaviour
  • Creating high-quality new knowledge on the impact of FLW prevention/reduction actions
  • Fostering diffusion of knowledge & Open Science

At Societal level

  • Changing social norms towards zero food waste
  • Strengthening the uptake of R&I in society

At Economic/Technological level

  • Generating Innovation-based growth from food waste prevention and reduction activities


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